Nattapong Ratanachoksirikul (TOO)

Too Nattapong Ratanachoksirikul is a artist and designer from Thailand who’s fascinated with the charm of cartoon characters.
He graduated from the University of Arts and began his long journey on his beloved career path over 20 years ago. His work experience includes a creative, an art director, a director, a character designer who has a prominent and unique style, and also a co-founder beboydcg Animation Company.
Greenie was born in 2003. The character was inspired by his little daughter.

In Toysoul HK 2015, Greenie & Elfie were first introduced to public in the form of toy figure and got a lot of positive feedback from the audiences. Greenie & Elfie has come to the next big step when Unbox Industries became his business partner to take care of the production and distribution.
Currently,He plans to create and expand the world of Greenie and Elfie through picture books, animation, figures, arts and designs.

About Greenie

Greenie is a curious forest fairy with a passion for travel and adventure as she journeys between the Wonder Forest and the human world.
Her favourite food is macaroons from her human friend’s patisserie!

About Elfie
Elfie’s a mythical creature elephant from the Wonder Forest. A little elephant who is always hanging out with Greenie and he is also her best friend. They both love to play around and travel places together, but Elfie’s always get lost when they travel around. He loves Potato Chip the most.

Greenie and Elfie lived out in the Wonder Forest that full with many beautiful creatures, forbidden fruits, plus this place have never been discover by any human being before.  One day, Greenie and Elfie were wondering around the forest and got lost, but what they didn’t know is that they have found themselves a way into the human’s world. They both are young and full with curiosity decide to take that first step into the human’s world. There are many things that they have never seen nor experience before. Everything they see, touch and smell are so different. They both wonder around the human’s world to explore and learn ways of human and trying things in this world, and that is how their adventure begin.

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